The Village: a web opera
The Village reveals the comings and goings of a virtual world that exists in parallel to our own. Events are described from the perspective of 7 fantastical characters through music and animation in a series of five weekly episodes

You too can reside in the village. We invite you to create a 'villager' and be part of the opera's digital chorus. Villagers react to story events and respond to character activity by posting short text comments. You may assign your villager a name and a personality (e.g. 'a trickster' or 'a samaritan') to help shape their identity. All contributions by the digital chorus will appear in the opera, serving to enrich the story and steer its evolution. Go to the How to Interact page for more details

1. Meet the residents

2. The Election

3. Reflection

4. Revelations

5. The Inevitable

The Village is for desktop and laptop computers only